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Tuscany is famous for food and typical products coming from its rich and fertile land.


The Tuscan ham is a seasoned ham, entirely worked and produced in Tuscany. The final product has a roundish shape and an average weight of about 8/9 kilograms.

The cut slice has a typical colour that goes from bright red to pale red and is poor in fat.

The production area is strictly influenced by the landscape and environment, unique for its cool valleys and sweet hills full of woods. These peculiar factors are strictly related to the climate and to the final product result.



The deep culture that belongs to Tuscany concerning the olive tree and its oil, unique for its quality, has permitted, since long time ago, this product to be identified as the exclusive "Tuscan" oil in all over the Italian and international markets.
The production area covers the entire Tuscan region.

The productive directions have fixed that all the manufacturing steps must be followed only inside Tuscany: the olives' harvest, the fringing and the product packaging.

The Tuscan extravergine olive oil presents a maximum acidity of 0,6%; a colour which goes from green to gold yellow, and changes during the time; a fruity smell, full of almond, artichoke and other seasoned fruit: a particular and hard fruity smell.


Tuscan D.O.P. Pecorino Cheese

Garfagnana I.G.P. Spelt


You can taste TUSCAN food and wine downtown in MILAN
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ristorante tavernetta da Elio

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